Faith is a fundamental part of The Hub's life. So this is a space for people of all faiths and none to express and explore issues of belief and the fundamental values that unite us all as human beings. 

The section starts with Colette Totman of Creative Card Ladies, a group of women at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Epsom, UK who have turned mask making in the pandemic into a charitable enterprise for worthy causes in Africa, South America and the UK. It continues with an intriguing blog by Howard Elsey inviting us to explore our basic values.

Calming Prisoners Through Song and Qhubeka: Cycling Africa Forward showcasing the charitable activities of Emma Dogliani and Jeremy Ford show what can happen when positive values are harnessed to the benefit of others. Interestingly, both Colette Totman and Jeremy Ford's blogs reflect on the virtuous circle of how helping others helps ourselves.