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Elizabeth le Sueur

Updated: May 11

Picture: Simons Town, a naval base town near Cape Town, South Africa and birthplace of Elizabeth le Sueur

Elizabeth le Sueur was born in Simons Town, a naval base town under British control until 1957, near Cape Town, South Africa, at the end of the second world war. She spent a large part of her childhood there and her mother was also a "Simons Town girl". Elizabeth studied languages at Cape Town University and went on to a career in public relations and later as a university lecturer before becoming a radio presenter. She is the mother of Jacques, a much-travelled professional magician and recently turned artist and three cherished grand sons.

Thank you Elizabeth, for sharing details of your life and love of music on your 80th birthday!

Jacques le Sueur, artist and magician, Cape Town: "As some of you know, Mom was a classical and jazz presenter on Fine Music Radio for over 15 years... For her 80th birthday today my friend in London, Baron Armah-Kwantreng invited her onto his online radio show and she got to share a handful of her favourite, most meaningful songs. Haven't seen her glow like this in a long time. Forever indebted my brother. Recording of the show below. Enjoy."

Podcast & Links

You can listen to the podcast of The Hub's interview with Elizabeth via this link:

Elizabeth le Sueur

Elizabeth mentions South African musician, Christopher McGregor, as an influence on her musical interests before and during her time as a radio presenter. You can find out more about Chris here: Chris McGregor

Spotify Playlist

You can listen to Elizabeth le Sueur's Spotify playlist by clicking on the link below.


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