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DJ Tony Safe

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Spinning the Jersey Decks

Image: DJ Tony Safe in full flow on the decks / Credit: Tony Safe

A Belated Post

"I am absolutely amazed you haven't posted one of my mixes." Not quite the critical appraisal The Hub was expecting when he sent a link to his Summer Sounds playlist to Jersey-based DJ Tony Safe.

Fair point. Tony Safe has been spinning the decks since 2000 and has an impressive back catalogue of innovative dance floor mixes. The Hub has been busy showcasing talented individuals from a range of disciplines and occasionally sends his playlists and blogs to Tony. Getting the odd comment in return.

But until this morning, for some reason, it had not occurred to The Hub to post on DJ Tony Safe's music. Despite the DJ being The Hub's handsome and golden-hearted younger brother! So here is that post. Belatedly!


Play That Funky Music Jersey Boy

YouTube video: STEVE "SILK" HURLEY - Jack Your Body (Original Mix) 1986

Says Tony Safe: "I was initially attracted to House music in 1985 when I bought 'Jack Your Body' by Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley*. That love of Chicago-style House is still reflected in my music today. Come 2000, 15 years later, I got a taste for the decks and was taught to mix by DJ Spim*. Since then, I have held residencies in a number of local bars and clubs in Jersey."

* A man of all musical seasons, Chicago-based producer/remixer/songwriter, DJ Steve “Silk” Hurley's 30-year plus career spans the sometimes limiting borders of contemporary Black music. Moving freely from Club/House to R&B/Funk, his scope as a producer remains unrivalled. His most prestigious honour is 4 GRAMMY® Nominations in 5 years (Remixer Of The Year/Best Remixed Recording ). “To be honored by my peers with four GRAMMY® Nominations is the pinnacle of the dream.”

* Simon Taylor aka DJ Spim is a veteran Junglist and old skool raver who experienced the birth of Drum & Bass in the early 90s. He is a technical scratch DJ with 20 years behind the decks and a true believer Drum & Bass helps raise the collective consciousness of the human race. His long running Subfactory Radio Show showcases the freshest and finest Drum & Bass to the world.

With this musical heritage behind him Tony went on to mix, record and perform a range of dance floor music, available to stream on SoundCloud.


Dance to the Music

Tony Safe offered The Hub two mixes to get into the groove. Starting with Circle Back 2 Nude, subtitled Part 2 of Claire's Birthday Celebrations @ Nude Food Bar. The Hub is loving the Under Pressure* mix (9.00 mins in). It would make a fine single! Circle Back 2 Nude is a beautiful mix of some classic tunes.

Tony then offered The Hub a choice of mixes, saying: "I can pick a good mix for you. What style do you want - 70s or 80s edits?" There are some great anthemic 80s electronic tunes, as on The Hub's 80s Gold playlist. But who doesn't like it Old School?!

So Tony responded: "Disco Fudge From The Packer is a nice 70s inspired mix."

* Tony on his Under Pressure mix: "It's an absolute cracker isn't it? Perfect for summer. It's in this 'Party That Never Happened' mix here, which for me has the best surrounding tunes to accompany it. In other words, it's a fantastic mix!"

Thank you for the music Tony!



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