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Endless Poetry

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

A Playlist for Poetry Lovers

Picture: An image from the "How Does The Great Dolly Parton Write a Song" blog / Credit: The Literary Hub

Charlie Holme started something when he sent his "gently emotional" unpublished poem The Last Shift to The Hub.

A little peak behind the curtain. Sometimes these blogs seem to write themselves. The Hub was minding his own business doing something mundane like the washing up when, unsolicited, the idea of compiling a poetry in music playlist popped into his head.

Where do poems and song lyrics start and end? What is poetry after all except a way to emphasise the specific meaning in words and phrases outside of normal sentence and paragraph structure?

Speak song lyrics and how do they differ from poetry? Read song lyrics in normal voice and how do they differ from song lyrics? These were some of the thoughts exchanged between The Hub and Charlie Holme in discussing poetry on The Hub.

The Hub presents a 5-genre poetry in music playlist for your enjoyment and delectation.

Pop & Rock

YouTube video: Dolly Parton 09 - Life's Like Poetry

We start with Rock and Pop, Dolly Parton to Ra Ra Riot.


UpBeat: Shakira to Sufjan Stevens.

Lounge Room

Lounge Room: The RH Factor to Queen Latifah.


Classical: Antonio Vivaldi to Armand Amar.


Ballad: The Beatles to Tom Waits


You can listen to The Hub's Endless Poetry playlist by clicking on the link below.


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