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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Being a Teenage Podcaster

YouTube video: Don't Try This At Home! - The Slackline Guys do Preikestolen in Norway / Slacklining is the subject of episode 13 of the My Experience With... podcast

In January, I was online schooling during Lockdown #2 and I wanted to do something creative. Content creation for the internet sprung to mind. So, I bought a microphone, whether for a YouTube channel, a podcast or just to upload and share experiences and stories. I began using the microphone for my online classes but quickly decided to start a podcast.

I started podcasting to have a focus at the weekends and something I could be proud and happy about. I then needed to think of the topic. I knew it needed to be something I know and could enjoy writing and speaking about. Eventually I came to the simple answer.

Teenage Life

It would be about teenage life, a topic I had never seen in podcasting before. Teenage life is a subject I know, as I am one!

At the beginning I said to my mum I would make every episode AT LEAST 20 minutes long. But she insisted that was impossible and I should start with 5 minutes. She was right. After I published the first one, my German grandma said 5 minutes was plenty because you could listen to it with a few minutes of spare time.

Also, I write a script for each episode and I don’t really have the energy to write more than five hundred words at the weekend.

Picture: The beach on Wangerooge, one of the German East Frisian islands in the North Sea and subject of episode 14 of the 'My Experience With...' podcast / budgettraveller.org

A Shy Podcaster

When I first published my podcast, I was really nervous what people would think. So I have never told my friends (except one) that I am doing this. I am always afraid of people judging me but lately I have got a lot more comfortable and my mum has helped me distribute it.

I like getting feedback to know what people think I could do to improve the listening experience. It really helps me when people tell me what they like or dislike so the podcast can evolve and I can make it better.

Top Tips

Some tips I would have for someone who wants to start podcasting are:

  • Get a good microphone. People like nice audio quality that is clean as it is more pleasant to listen to.

  • Set up a reasonable schedule and don’t overestimate the amount you can manage.

  • You will be happier with yourself if you can keep to your schedule.

  • It is better to have consistent and frequent content that is a bit shorter than uploading longer content very infrequently.

  • Distribute your podcast over a website like Anchor where you can add background music and that automatically posts to all the major sites. This will really make your life easier!

Overall, I would recommend taking up a hobby like podcasting to everyone, and especially teenagers. It is so rewarding and it is a nice way to get creative.


My Experience With... is a brand new podcast talking about the daily occurrences of a 13 year old. From cooking to travelling, this podcast covers everything about the life of a teenager. It is available on Anchor.fm and wherever you get your podcasts.

You can subscribe and listen to the My Experience With... podcast by clicking on these links.


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