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Save the Bulls! Salvemos Los Toros!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


by Eimoa Martin Calvo

Picture: The logo of the "Save the Bulls! - Salvemos Los Toros!" Facebook group / Credit: Eimoa Martin Calvo

Bullfighting: For and Against

The Hub dips his toe warily into the contentious waters of the dispute in Spain, and elsewhere, between supporters and opponents of bullfighting. Bullfighting remains legal in Europe in France, Portugal and Spain, and in Latin America in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

The largest bullfighting ring in the world, fitting 60,000 spectators is in Mexico City, with around 225 bullrings in large cities and small towns around the country. Only Spain exceeds Mexico in the number of bullfights per year.

On the supporters side are passionate arguments for the retention of cultural heritage, the bravery and skill of the bullfighter, and the employment and economic benefits.

On the opponents side is equally passionate advocacy for animal welfare and the rejection of any notion the ritual injury and death of adult bulls to a cheers by a live stadium and TV audience can in any way be classed as an acceptable "sport" in 2021.

Bullfighting has been banned in at least 100 towns in Spain. The region of Catalonia, banned the so-called “sport” after officials were presented with the signatures of 180,000 residents.

From 2008 to 2013, attendance in Spanish arenas fell by 40 percent. In 2008, about 3,300 bullfights were held in the country. In 2012, that figure dropped to fewer than 2,000, and in 2013, it was estimated that fewer than 500 bullfights were held.

The Mexican states of Coahuila, Guerrero, and Sonora have also imposed bans, joining Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Italy, and the U.K.

The Hub readily acknowledges there are sincerely held views on both sides of this difficult dispute. And contends the best way forward, as in any dispute, is for both sides to listen respectfully to the opinions of the other.

In this spirit, The Hub presents Dream, Bull / Sueña, Toro, a poem by old friend and Alicante-based anti-bullfighting campaigner, Eimoa Martin Calvo. Bullfighting has ended in Mexico and in the Catalan region of Spain with Barcelona as its capital. Hopefully the dispute can be resolved amicably.

A Poem Against Bullfighting

Dream, Bull

I dream of myself next to you in an infinite meadow without screams, nor rapier, nor horror, nor pain, nor tears of panic.

I dream of you my friend, both of you free, you free from human cruelty, I freed from my past and reconciled with my future... Our gaze is fixed on a sky of funny stars that sing to us and tell us ancient and beautiful legends.

I dream that it's the beginning of the end

The irremediable end of something that should never have happened. The end to the end, without remedy, shamelessly unstoppable. The end at last of your suffering.

Sleep tonight that I go with you to your dream. To that perfect meadow of watercolor flowers, where no one rules over anyone or decides anything that can harm anyone.

Dream, bull. Dream and sleep


Sueña, Toro

Me sueño a tu lado en un prado infinito sin gritos, ni estoques, ni horror, ni dolor,

ni lágrimas de pánico.

Me sueño contigo mi amigo, libres los dos, tú libre de la crueldad humana,

yo liberada de mi pasado y reconciliada con mi futuro... Nuestra vista fija en un cielo de estrellas divertidas que nos cantan y nos cuentan antiguas y bellas leyendas

Sueño que es el principio del fin

El fin irremediable de algo que nunca debió suceder.

El fin al fin, sin remedio, descaradamente irrefrenable.

El fin por fin de tu sufrimiento.

Duerme esta noche que yo voy contigo a tu sueño.

A aquel prado perfecto de flores de acuarela ,

donde nadie gobierna sobre nadie

ni decide nada que pueda hacer daño alguno a nadie.

Sueña, Toro, sueña y descansa.

Que yo te salvaré y después

Caminaré orgullosa hasta tu lindo sueño


Eimoa Martin Calvo is a writer and singer based in Alicante, Spain.

How to - Save The Bulls! Salvemos Los Toros!

You can support the Save The Bulls! Salvemos Los Toros! aims by signing the petition below calling for the immediate end to bull fighting in Spain.

(We call for the immediate and final end to bull fighting in Spain.)


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