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Save the Bulls! Salvemos Los Toros!


by Eimoa Martin Calvo

Picture: The logo of the "Save the Bulls! - Salvemos Los Toros!" Facebook group / Credit: Eimoa Martin Calvo

A Poem Against Bullfighting


I dream of myself next to you in an infinite meadow without screams, nor rapier, nor horror, nor pain, nor tears of panic

I dream of you my friend, both of you free, you free from human cruelty, I freed from my past and reconciled with my future... Our gaze is fixed on a sky of funny stars that sing to us and tell us ancient and beautiful legends.

I dream that it's the beginning of the end

The irremediable end of something that should never have happened. The end to the end, without remedy, shamelessly unstoppable. The end at last of your suffering.

Sleep tonight that I go with you to your dream. To that perfect meadow of watercolor flowers, where no one rules over anyone or decides anything that can harm anyone.

Dream, bull. Dream and sleep


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Eimoa Martin Calvo is a writer and singer based in Alicante, Spain.

How to - Save The Bulls! Salvemos Los Toros!

You can support the Save The Bulls! Salvemos Los Toros! aims by signing the petition below calling for the immediate end to bull fighting in Spain.

Rogamos la suspensión inmediata definitiva de las corridas de toros en España.

(We call for the immediate and final end to bull fighting in Spain.)


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