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Travels in The Dominican Republic

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

With Niagara Nancy and Daughters

Picture: Nancy Hurst (centre) and her daughters Summer and Senna on horseback in The Dominican Republic / Credit: Nancy Hurst

Where do you take your two late-teens daughters on the holiday of a lifetime that gives them a bit more of a lasting life experience than a sun tan and a worn bikini?

Nancy Hurst aka Niagara Nancy, a globe trotter thanks to a decade living away from her native Canada in London, and subsidised air flights from her years working for Air Canada, decided to try something other than beaches and cocktails. So she booked a trip with a difference for daughters Summer and Senna to Spanish speaking The Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, shared with French-speaking Haiti.

Listen to the Podcast

You can hear The Hub's interview with 'Niagara Nancy' as she shares her Dominican holiday tales, at a time when the world was in Lockdown and the idea of a holiday was a bittersweet dream, by clicking on the link below.

Listen to the Playlist

You'll need some music on your journey round Hispaniola, so press play on the link below and soak in Nancaroo's handpicked Dominican playlist to power you round the island.



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