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Vaccine Le Chéile

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Irish in Britain's Covid Vaccine Campaign

Image: A graphic supporting Irish in Britain's ‘Vaccine Le Chéile/Together’ campaign

/ Credit: Irish in Britain

The Hub had the pleasure of speaking to Ellen Gavin of Irish in Britain, the charity representing Irish people in Britain for over 50 years, on its new Covid vaccination initiative - ‘Vaccine Le Chéile/Together’. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link below and you can contact Ellen with any health queries in the Ask Ellen section.

For full disclosure The Hub, a proud son of Dublin, was honoured to be appointed a trustee of Irish in Britain at its recent AGM in January, 2022.


Vaccine Le Chéile/Together

YouTube video: Irish nurse Sharon Robinson supports the Vaccine Le Chéile campaign

Irish in Britain is continuing with ‘Vaccine Le Chéile/Together’ its COVID-19 Vaccine Promotional Campaign launched in January 2022. Irish in Britain "is delighted" with the coverage, support, and feedback it has received so far in response to the campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to provide Irish people, and their networks, living in Britain with evidence-based information to enable them to make positive informed choices. The campaign is supplemented by a wider digital campaign to build awareness, to educate and expand opportunities for information and support.

Says Ellen Gavin, Health and Wellbeing Development Officer at IIB: "There have been a lot of vaccine myths and fake news in circulation since the roll out of the Covid vaccine. People who have not received the vaccine yet are not all necessarily 'anti-vaxxers', but may be vaccine hesitant due to not having the support and information necessary.

We do not want to push the vaccine on people who do not want to receive it. Rather, we just want to ensure people have access to reliable and true information to allow them to make positive, informed choices for their health."

Picture: Ian Byrne MP at an Irish Community Care/Slainte Le Chéile event at Liverpool Irish Centre and Central Liverpool Primary Care Network, January 2022 / Credit: Irish in Britain

Vaccine Le Chéile contains several elements including access to COVID-19 vaccine support information, frequently asked questions, information workshop, and printable resources that can be sent out to member groups upon request.

The most recent element of this campaign is that Irish in Britain is offering to help support member organisations in hosting a pop-up vaccination centre. It is hoped this will make COVID-19 vaccinations more accessible to the local community and in turn, will increase the vaccination numbers among the Irish population of Britain.


Listen to Ellen

Picture: Irish in Britain's patron Dame Elizabeth Anionwu receiving her second vaccine

/ Credit: Irish in Britain

You can listen to The Hub's interview with Ellen Gavin, Health and Wellbeing Development Officer at Irish in Britain about Le Chéile/Together by clicking on the link below.


Ask Ellen

Picture: Ellen Gavin, Irish in Britain's Health and Wellbeing Development Officer

/ Credit: Irish in Britain

All resources created can be found on the Irish in Britain website, Additional support and hard copies of materials can be requested from Ellen through the email address,



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