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Tony Safe's Gospel Mix

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

A Fabulous Mix of Dance Floor Fillers

Image: DJ Tony Safe in an inspired mood / Credit: Tony Safe

Music inspired for Easter on The Hub continues with DJ Tony Safe's Gospel mix. First we had a Good Friday post with Scott & Vince's Easter Special and St Joseph's Catholic Church Folk Choir Palm Sunday set.


You're Inspiring Me to Make a Gospel Mix

We were introduced to Tony Safe with the Spinning the Jersey Decks blog.The first inkling of the new mix was an enigmatic WhatsApp from The Hub's brother, Tony Safe: "You're inspiring me to make a mix. A mix full of Gospel House."

Then on Easter Saturday Tony dropped his The Gospel According to Tony Safe mix with the message: "Happy Easter, I love it, I think you will too." Raising the question, how had The Hub inspired this Gospel set? Says Tony: "I have been wanting to do this for years but never got round to it. I was thinking about you and the famalam who are all worshippers in the Christian sense. So I thought it was time I finished the project.

There are of course some newer gospel house tracks. So I'm glad I waited til now so I could get the old and new tracks onto one mix. The tracks pretty much chose themselves. I had a choice of about 40 tracks that worked with praising the Lord. But of course, the one true god is Love, so I based my selections around that ❤️".


The Gospel According to Mr Safe

You can listen to Tony Safe's The Gospel According to Mr Safe mix by clicking on this link or on the link below. Enjoy!



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